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Woman Raises $127,000 for 82-Year-Old Walmart Worker So She Can Pay Medical Bills and Retire

A woman raised $127,000 for an 82-year-old Walmart worker so she could pay medical bills and retire. One person can make a difference, and a TikToker from Arizona proved it. She saw an older woman working at Walmart and approached her. It was the beginning of a miraculous encounter. Carmen Kelly moved to Arizona and dreamed about retiring and enjoying her golden years.

However, the 2004 relocation didn’t go as she had hoped. A series of health setbacks sent Kelly to the emergency room and quickly depleted her savings. The state medical bills left her in an unexpected predicament and forced her to join the workforce again. Things looked hopeless, but a big blessing was on its way. Throughout Kelly’s life, she faced various ups and downs but never imagined still working hard at 82. Read the full story here ▶