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Woman Notices Young Mom And Her Daughter Eyeing Food At Costco – What She Does Next Is Unexpected

One woman saw a struggling family eyeing food at a supermarket, so she secretly dropped money into their bag.

Nadine Nowrick was grocery shopping at her local Costco one night after work to grab a few things. When she was passing by the rotisserie chickens section, she saw a young woman with her daughter who looked to be about seven years old.

Why A Stranger Helped A Young Mom At Costco

Nadine decided to start a conversation with her after she noticed that the young woman was eyeing the rotisserie chickens that were on sale, but wasn’t taking one for herself. During their conversation, the mother inquired about the price of the chicken and Nadine could sense that they may not be able to afford much for groceries. Read the full article here ▶