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What to Watch the Week of July 31: Hallmark’s Fall Romance Movies Have Begun

It’s been a very busy summer of TV watching, so I’m happy to say that this week is little lighter on new offerings, making it the perfect time follow the shows Like Bear (FX on Hulu) or Netflix Virgin River. (By the way, read along with our latest article the romantic drama’s new showrunner.) There are also tons of great, smaller shows that you might have missed, like PBS documentaries In own wordswhich is re-enacting the Queen Elizabeth II episode this week.

Perhaps most exciting of all, though, is the comfort TV fare premiering this week, starting with the Hallmark Channel kicking off its annual “Fall into Love” programming event with four new original movie premieres every Saturday. First up: Love in the limelight with PenaVegas.

For the foodie there is Alex vs. America on the Food Network, which premieres this Sunday night and features episodes about Italian food and brunch. Say no more. Also this week: Bachelorette head to the high seas this week as Netflix airs Wedding season on Friday.

There are a lot of new shows coming next week, including a third season Netflix I have never and the debut of Prime Video A league of their own, so enjoy a little break now. See you back here next Sunday.

Sunday, July 31

The golden girls (Hallmark Channel): There The golden girls pop-up restaurant, now open in Los Angeles and coming to New York, San Francisco, Miami and Chicago later this year. It’s a fully functional (and delicious!) cafe and bar that transports guests to a willow-loving land of palm trees, cheesecakes and lanai’s.

To get in the mood before you go, you can stream a classic sitcom on Hulu or tune into one of the series best episodes when it airs on the Hallmark Channel tonight. “To Catch a Neighbor” (season two, episode 24) features George Clooney and Joe Campanella as the cops who set up a point at Blanche’s house to capture neighborhood jewel thieves; it is the penultimate episode of the second season and originally aired on Saturday, May 2, 1987 on NBC. For details on how to visit the pop-up, see my Instagram page (in feed) here. Reservations available at Bucketlisters. You can stream Golden Girls Hulu or watch the Clooney episode tonight at 10pm ET/PT on Hallmark Channel.

The golden girls (from left): Betty White, Bea Arthur, Estelle Getty, Rue McClanahan.

©Touchstone Television/Everett Collection

What to Watch the Week of July 31: Hallmark’s Fall Romance Movies Have Begun Source link What to Watch the Week of July 31: Hallmark’s Fall Romance Movies Have Begun