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What a boy looks like now, who was born 9 years ago with gray hair like an old man

In 2012, Patricia Williams had a third son, Redd, at birth the baby had unnaturally white hair and beautiful almond-shaped eyes. At first, both doctors and parents believed that the baby was just blond, but with age, it turned out that Redd had albinism.

Doctors began to ask who in the family suffers from this disease. The couple thought for a long time and finally remembered that their 85-year-old grandmother Patricia was born a platinum blonde, the only one on an Indian reservation. But she never admitted the fact of albinism, although the doctors proved the opposite her. But you can’t hide the genes, and now they are inherited.

By the way, my grandmother found a photo in the archive where she is the only blonde among Indian relatives. Read the full story here ▶