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Watch: 12-Second Video of a Black Hispanic Virginia Voter is Probably Dems Worst Nightmare

While the Dems reel behind the scenes over their nightmarish outcome in Virginia, and other states across the country, in front of the cameras they’re acting as if it’s not really a big deal. I love the silly new spin Dems are trying to put on this – like it’s actually a “victory.” I am seeing this everywhere online right now. It’s like all the “bots” got their memo faxed to them this morning and they’re running with this goofiness like bats outta hell.

Take a look at this typical tweet the “Dem bots” are pushing online:

Sure, this is a fun way to comfort yourself at night, but it totally misses the mark.

First off, the political climate has changed significantly since the days of “Reagan.” They’re completely unrecognizable. The country is so divided and so polarized politically, that to suggest today can be compared to back then is laughably naïve. In addition, the electorate is totally different. Outrage and social justice issues have driven out a lot of Dems that wouldn’t have voted in the past, and even with those enormous increases in participation, they still couldn’t pull out a win in this climate.

There’s no “bright side” to this, trust me, but many dingbats, who are trying to “save face” and “cope” will pretend there are.

Dems are a party of elites, and elites can’t stand to look “foolish,” or be mocked, it’s their “kryptonite,” so they’ll do anything and everything to avoid that humiliation.

And speaking of how horrific things are for the Dems, allow me to make it a tad bit worse for them.

I found this video of a Black Hispanic man from Virginia, explaining exactly how Joe Biden and his cruddy policies have actually turned him into a Republican.

Good luck trying to put a “good spin” on that one, Dems!

You can watch the video below:

This is a big issue that Dems are facing right now.

You can’t allow the kooks in your party to take over and expect that normal people will flock to your message.

People care about high gas prices and double-heating costs, not solar panels on “Green New Buildings.”

Dems have become the party of the elite white liberals, and have left everyone else behind.