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Volcano keeps erupting in Caribbean as largest explosion yet blasts island Monday morning

The a volcano on the eastern Caribbean island of St. Vincent on Monday morning had its largest explosion since late last week when eruptions first began. 

Experts said Monday’s volcanic activity was a “huge explosion” that’s produced an enormous amount of ash and hot gas.

The major activity generated pyroclastic flows – solidified lava, ash and hot gas – down the south and southwest sides of the volcano. No immediate deaths or injuries have been reported, but government officials were reportedly scrambling to respond, according to The Associated Press

The last comparable-size explosion occurred in1902 and killed about 1,600 people. Roughly 16,000 people who lived close to the volcano were evacuated last week. However, an unknown number have stayed on the 18-mile-long island, refusing to leave their homes. 

“It’s destroying everything in its path,” said Erouscilla Joseph, director of the University of the West Indies’ Seismic Research Center. “Anybody who would have not heeded the evacuation, they need to get out immediately.”

The minister of the island’s water and sewer authority expressed concern for the contaminated water sources from the falling ash. Officials on Monday were setting up water distribution centers discussing food supplies.