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Video Captures Heartwarming Moment as 2-Year-Old Blind Girl Sees Mother for the First Time After Eye Surgery

It’s easy to take our senses and abilities for granted, like seeing, hearing, walking, and talking. But for those who are born without these abilities, life can be challenging. For Nicolly Pereira, a 2-year-old girl in Brazil, living without the ability to see or hear her mother has been a struggle. Despite undergoing multiple surgeries, Nicolly was still unable to see.

After Nicolly’s mother, Diana Pereira, shared her story on Facebook, a campaign was launched to help her daughter. The Jackson Health Foundation and Kevin Garcia’s organization partnered to raise $17,000 for Nicolly’s surgery. The surgery was a success, and Nicolly’s pressure level was reduced from 50 to 12. Read the full story here ▶