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Vegan mom found guilty of starving 17lbs toddler son on raw diet

Sheila O’Leary Cape Coral vegan mom guilty of starving her toddler son to death after only feeding the boy raw fruits and vegetables and refusing to take him to doctor when he became ill.
A Florida vegan mother was found guilty of murdering her 18-month-old son after only feeding him raw fruits and vegetables.

Sheila O’Leary, 39, of Cape Coral now faces life in prison after a jury convicted her Wednesday of first degree murder along with a series of child abuse charges over the 2019 death of the toddler boy, Ezra O’Leary, the News Press reported.

The mother’s infant son weighed 17 pounds — seven pounds below average — when his parents noticed he had stopped breathing. Read the full article here ▶