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Unbelievable: Baby’s Swollen Head Stuns Doctors – You Won’t Believe What He Looks Like 6 Years Later!

Baby boy is born with swollen head, but doctors are shocked when they see him six years later. Before little Robert was even born, the odds were stacked against him. Indeed, doctors expected that he would have a very low quality of life and even advice his mom to terminate the pregnancy. However, no one knew just how determined mother and son could be. When Jillian Hartman and her partner found out they were pregnant, they were overjoyed.

However, excitement quickly turned to worry when they received some horrific news. At 19 weeks into her pregnancy, in fact, doctors informed Hartman that her son was suffering from hydrocephalus. Hydrocephalus consists of a build up of cerebrospinal fluid on the brain. Read the full story here ▶