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This Woman Saw A Small Lump Behind Her Ear When Brushing Her Hair And Then It Started To Grow

When one woman found a small lump behind her ear, she was concerned. She took comfort, however, in the fact that doctors told her it was nothing to worry about. But then it began to grow uncontrollably. Antitwigs lives in Fort Stewart, Georgia. She’s married to a US Army Sergeant and is the mother of seven children.

From the outside, it seemed like Twigs had the perfect life. But then her world fell apart.

Many years ago, the mom had been brushing her long blonde hair one day when she noticed a small lump behind her right here. Although the mass didn’t hurt, Twigs nonetheless thought that she could get it checked by a doctor. Her physician reassured her that the lump was simply a lymph node. The mound of flesh continued to worry Twigs, however. Read the full story here ▶