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This Mom Was In Court For $300 Parking Fines, But Then Her Daughter Told The Judge She Was Starving

This mom was in court for 300 parking fines, but then her daughter told the judge she was starving. When one mom arrived in court to face hundreds of dollars in parking charges, she no doubt expected the worst. But when her daughter took to the stand, everything changed. Why? Well, the little girl told the judge that she was starving, and it melted his heart completely.

Thousands of people know Frank Caprio as the no-nonsense judge on TV’s Caught in Providence. However, his history goes much further back than that. Indeed, he studied law at night school while working as a teacher and was appointed to the bar in 1965. Twenty years later, he became the chief judge at Providence Municipal Court, and since then, he has evidently proven popular with those at Providence City Council as they have re-elected him six times. He also founded the law firm Caprio and Caprio and remains a senior partner there. Read the full story here ▶