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THIS Guy Saved His Pennies For 45 Yrs. He Finally Cashes Them In and The Amount Is Unthinkable!

If you see a penny on the ground, do you ever bother to stop and pick it up?  Most people never do, they just walk right by and continue on their way. The one cent value is not worth bending over for.  Sometimes people may pick up a penny here or a penny there if they think it’s a “lucky” one, but they don’t stop for every stray coin they see.  One man, Otha Anders, is one of the rare exceptions in this regard because he’s picked up every penny that he has ever come across for the last 45 years!

When the 77 year old man from Louisiana was asked what motivated him, he said that finding a penny on the ground was akin to a sign from God, reminding him that he should always be thankful.  He added that while he strived to pray every day, sometimes he failed to do so and on the days that he would forget, he would often come across a lost penny. After he noticed the connection, Anders always made time to pray and be thankful. Read the full article here ▶