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This Angry Groom Surprised Wedding Guests By Taking Horrible Revenge On His Bride

Many women imagine their wedding day as the happiest day of their life. One particular bride, her wedding day turned out to be the most mortifying day in her life thanks to a decision or groom made. What’s worse is that the shocking story was later broadcast all over television.

As one of the attendees of the wedding, Sean McInerney, went on a British talk show to happily report the events to the entire world. There has to be a strong reason to go through all the trouble of planning a wedding only to throw the entire relationship in the garbage.

Let’s take a look at what happened. Like America, Great Britain has many talk shows that bring on celebrity guests for a fun time. The Graham Norton Show is one such program. Stars go on the show to talk about their films or projects, all while comedian Graham Norton slips in a few jokes here and there. One aspect of the show that viewers love is that it isn’t all about the famous guests he brings on. Read the full article here ▶