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Things Start To Go Missing, Then Woman Notices Marks On The Attic Door

A woman was beside herself after noticing things were going missing around the house, but it wasn’t until she spotted suspicious marks on the attic door that things really got uncomfortable. What she found not only explained everything, but it made her aware of the horrifying reality she’d been living in for the past five months.

It all started over 10 years ago when Marie Wright, 28, had been introduced to Alexander Cooper, 27, by a friend, but the acquaintances parted ways and didn’t talk after that – until about 5 months ago. It was at that time that the duo noticed each other on the dating website “Plenty Of Fish” and decided to go out.

They quickly fell in love, as Marie explains that Alexander seemed “totally normal” and would constantly send her “cute” text messages. Read the full article here ▶