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They took a dog from the shelter who didn’t have his own yard and gave him a real surprise!

Animals abandoned by heartless people, at best, end up in shelters, where they get a small chance to find a new home and a loving heart of the owner. There is practically no such hope for age-old dogs. Without the love and kindness of the owner, they die quickly, burdened with longing and emerging diseases. A remarkable exception to the general trend was the story of the bloodhound Bentley and his happy acquaintance with the future owner — Kattara Taylor.

The initial communication was not easy. Bentley suffered a huge psychological trauma when he was betrayed by his first owners. Then three more families tried to take him from the shelter, but they returned him back. Broken by the first betrayal, the Bloodhound became increasingly restless and distrustful. With each new return to the shelter, he became worse not only psychologically, but also physically. Seeing an aged animal with an extinct look, Taylor was filled with extraordinary pity.Read the full story here ▶