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The horse came to his owner’s funeral. What happened next shocked everyone!

The horse appeared crying at his owner’s funeral. But people see more than just him being heartbroken. Vladimir was a peasant who always loved animals. As a boy in the field where. He lived with his parents, he grew up next to chickens, pigs, sheep, and even a dairy cow, however, of all the animals that aroused. With the admiration of the little boy, the horse took first place. And the reason for that fascination was.

Precisely that there was never a horse. On his farm, because his parents said. That it was an expense that they. Couldn’t afford it it, and when they needed to. Go down to town, they asked a neighbour for the favour of taking them with them. And it’s that although the automobiles had already arrived in the country, but the region was still stuck in time,. Roads that gave access to the fields.

Were very irregular, and the peasants had to continue using horses as a main means of transportation. Vladimir’s true love for horses, however, was sealed. When he was a teenager, his father, who had always been in good health, suddenly fell ill, and his mother feared the worst. Due to the patient’s state of health. Read the full story here ▶