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Teacher Receives Secret Note from 7-Year-Old Student, Prompts Urgent 911 Call

The teacher slipped a secret note from a seven-year-old student reads: it calls 9-1-1, a mother of a seven-year-old elementary school student gave her daughter an ominous note and told her. It was for her teacher’s eyes. Only the child gave the note to her teacher who was shocked to read that the mother was being held against her will by her live-in boyfriend. The message asked the educator to send the police immediately. However, that request led police to an even more horrifying discovery.

Authorities discovered the girl’s brother four-year-old mason Dominguez, was dead. His body was found inside a trash bag under a false cardboard bottom of a garage freezer. It had been there for months. Authorities say the mother’s boyfriend, Brandon Toslin, 35 of las vegas, was charged with homicide. The grizzly revelation is just one of a dizzying array of details released about the murder of Mason. Read the full story here ▶