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Stephen Curry hilariously scares Luka Doncic during All-Star Game intros (Video)

Stephen Curry is already putting on a show at the All-Star Game, as he was caught on camera scaring the heck out of Luka Doncic. 

With all eyes on the NBA and the All-Star Game Sunday night, you’d better believe Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry is ready to put on a show. Well, the sharpshooter has already done that in multiple ways, as he started his night off by winning the 3-Point Contest in an absolute thriller.

So, how was he going to follow that act up? He’s done so by going viral again on Twitter after he scared an unexpected Luka Doncic during the ASG intros.

Steph Curry sneaking up on Luka Doncic during All-Star Game intros was priceless

That video above is just gold. Curry wanted his fist pump from Doncic, but the Dallas playmaker wasn’t ready to deliver. So, Curry snuck up on him and gave his a nice yell. Well, Doncic’s heart dropped seconds later, as you could tell just how freaked out he was when he saw Curry. The look on his face says it all.

As for Curry, it really has been a memorable Sunday for him already. In the NBA 3-Point Contest, he was able to take down Mike Conley and Jayson Tatum in the final round by scoring a 28. Conley finished with 27, and Curry was actually on the verge of losing, but he caught fire on the last rack and drilled his last 3-point attempt to snatch the title away from the Jazz guard.

Now, Curry will be ready to light up the stage in the All-Star Game and keep delivering some memorable moments. Knowing him, he’s bound to be nothing short of electric from start to finish in the big contest.