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Son Marries His Own Mother but You Won’t Believe What Happened on the Wedding Day

Leonardo had everything planned out, he would make history and marry his mother Veneta. It would be the best thing to ever happen to him but unbeknownst to everyone. This man was hiding a terrible secret and what eventually happened on the wedding day is unbelievable. Miguel and Juanita were childhood friends and they lived with their parents in a small mining town, you’re, so beautiful and I’m going to marry you someday the 10-year-old Miguel said. He also told Veneta that he would build her a castle someday.

How we need to ask innocently, i don’t know, but i will Miguel said, then he grabbed her hands and they played hide and seek in a garden close by and there you have it. That’s how this love story began. Read the full story here ▶