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Soldier Unexpectedly Returns Home to Wife after 2 Months, Finds Unknown Baby in Their Bedroom

A soldier comes home after a three-month absence and is shocked to find a newborn baby in his house, especially since his wife wasn’t pregnant when he left when Adam Harris came home from the Middle East after a two-month stretch. The last thing he expected to find on his bed was a baby. He stood in the doorway just staring. The baby was lying between two large pillows and it was waving. Tiny Fists in the air Adam walked closer and stared down at the child.

It yawned on him showing Pig Cubs, and then it started to cry loudly Adam didn’t know what to do. He sat down on the bed picked up the child and jiggled it awkwardly the baby hiccuped and started sucking on a fist there. There Adam said: who is this kid? Where did it come from? He knew it wasn’t his and Kathy’s Kathy hadn’t been pregnant seven months ago.

He knew that, in fact, Kathy and Adam had been desperately trying to get pregnant. For six years now, they’d gone through several rounds of IVF to no avail, Adam hummed to the kid who just kept staring at him with squinty unfocused newborn eyes. Read the full story here ▶