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She was born without arms 10 years later she shocked ever…

She smiled as she blinked away her drowsy eyes. Vasilina is 15 months old. At the time of this writing, she’s awoke from her siesta, and after a single smile she couldn’t stop laughing till the wee hours of the morning laughed in the manner that only really happy children can laugh, the way that only children who know that they are unconditionally loved and feel entirely protected can laugh.

She was a newborn girl from an orphanage who was born without arms, and she was looking for an adoptive family a year ago, and her photo was all over the Internet. They now refer to her as Vesselina Nutsen, and she has a mother, a father, and three brothers.

One of them, who is also adopted, was born without arms or legs and has no way of supporting himself. Although Vaselinea is born without arms, her adoptive mother, Elmira Nuts and is adamant in her belief that God makes no mistakes. When we first brought Vaselinea home, she had a constant smile on her face. It was only after that that she began to throw tantrums, which was actually a good indication. It indicated that the orphanage’s stress was beginning to dissipate because, after all, she was unfamiliar with the concept of being carried up.  Read the full story here ▶