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Remember the boy who shocked his parents at birth? Here’s what happened to him after ADOPTION

The doctors predicted that he only had a few days left to live. It could be up to two months, but Adam Paul Raj, a boy born with deformities at a missionary hospital in India who was later adopted by a woman and her new husband in Jacksonville, abandoned by his biological family, had defined the odds for years. Adam Pluraj was born in a missionary hospital in India. After being hospitalized for what was thought to be pneumonia. Adam passed away the next day.

On Sunday. He was four. Adam leaves behind two younger brothers who looked up to him and a huge extended family, including grandparents in Jacksonville, who doted on him. Adam’s parents uprooted their lives for him, and he leaves behind a vast extended family. His story, which was first reported by the Times Union on Thanksgiving Day in 2011 and picked up by national news outlets and blogs, went viral and inspired people all over the world to donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to help pay for his hospital costs. Read the full story here ▶