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Protests, riots mar the one-year anniversary of Breonna Taylor’s death

Some U.S. cities on Saturday night experienced riots and protests on the anniversary of Breonna Taylor’s death.

In Los Angeles, some people broke store windows and lobbed rocks at police in Hollywood, according to Fox News.

The outlet also noted that earlier there had been peaceful demonstrators who marched and celebrated the Taylor’s life in Hollywood and other portions of the city.

In the state of Washington the Seattle Police Department tweeted that there had been multiple arrests.

“Police are monitoring a group marching in the downtown area. Participants are dragging construction signs and other items into the roadway to block traffic. Multiple arrests made in 200 block of Columbia Street,” the Seattle Police Department tweeted late Saturday night. “Arrests at 200 block Cherry Street were made for crimes including assault on an officer, obstruction, pedestrian interference and resisting arrest. Group is currently near #PikePlaceMarket. Please stay out of the area,” a tweet said shortly after midnight.