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Pre-Teen Loses Her Cat and Goes Into Sewer To Find It. 45 Minutes Later Someone Hears Her Crying In Terror!

When Hannah Siler’s cat went missing, she didn’t waste a beat and immediately went out looking for it.  The 12 year old girl from Pascagoula, Mississippi was desperate to find her kitty and if you’ve ever had the misfortune of having your cat going missing, then you know the pure heartbreak that goes right along with it.  You will look anywhere and everywhere, after all cats are masters at hiding and can squeeze into the strangest, tightest of places.

As she searched around the neighborhood, something drew Hannah to a nearby storm drain.  When she stooped down to look inside the dark hole, she saw two yellow glowing eyes staring right back at her.  They were certainly not cat eyes, they belonged to a seven foot long alligator instead! Read the full story here ▶

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