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Poor Boy Gives His Umbrella to Old Lady in the Rain, She Returns It with an Envelope Inside

A poor boy decided to share his umbrella with an old lady after getting caught in the rain walking with her toward her house a couple of days later, he and his mom were surprised to see an envelope tucked into the umbrella when they opened it again. Tom was a 15 year old boy raised by a single mother named Marissa. They didn’t have much in life living daily with just enough to eat three meals and pay the bills. Every day his mother worked as a cleaner at a nearby park. She never took public transportation choosing to walk to work and back home instead to save money.

One day Tom noticed that Marissa came home, soaking wet mom, you’re gon na get sick why’d you walk in the rain. He worriedly asked I’m all right: sweetheart my umbrella broke, because the wind was so strong and I wanted to get home in time to have dinner with you. Read the full story here ▶