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Pixel Buds A in green accidentally leaked by Google email

Google has had a terrible time keeping its upcoming Pixel phones under a tight lid. From the Pixel 3a to the current Pixel 5, leaks have left Google with almost nothing else to surprise. This time, it seems to be the one causing the leak as an unrelated email about the Google Nest confirms the existence and appearance of what may be known as the Pixel Buds A, which, considering where it appeared, also hints it might be coming really soon now.

Now at its second generation, Google’s Pixel Buds have split camps, unsurprisingly. While its integration with other Google products, particularly Google Assistant and Translate and Android phones, is laudable, some have been less impressed with its actual audio quality and battery life. That it costs a lot for those features didn’t sit well with many either.

The rumored Pixel Buds A might be changing that, however, if it follows Google’s tradition of appending “a” to its more affordable Pixel phones. The Google leak, which appeared in an official email sent to the Google Nest mailing list, doesn’t exactly say anything about that but it at least confirms what the new Pixel Buds would look like.

In terms of overall shape, the Pixel Buds A will be virtually indistinguishable from its predecessors. The only visual clue will actually be the fact that the previously black insides of the charging case will match the color the buds come in. The buds themselves will also actually come in full color, in this case, a darker shade of green, instead of the dual-tone design the previous buds had.

There is definitely some renewed interest in Google’s Pixel Buds after the news that the company just acquired 3D audio specialist Dysonics. Of course, it would take time before that spatial audio technology gets integrated into future Pixel Buds. It would also make those more expensive than the price tier that the Pixel Buds A might be aiming for anyway.