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Pastors That Spot Little Boys Unclothed In A Trash Heap Outside Church Go Above And Beyond To Help

Being a spectator to human suffering can be one of the most uncomfortable situations to be in. When you see a situation that breaks your heart, every fiber of your being wants to help—but it isn’t always possible or realistic to do so. As one Florida couple found out, sometimes to be truly helpful, you have to make a sacrifice yourself.

Pastors Ronnie and Krystal Stewart actively served the homeless community in Pasco County, Florida, by conducting charitable events for two nights every week. But one night, they witnessed something tragic—and it would truly test the very limits of their charity.

Pastors Ronnie and Krystal Stewart knew their Pasco County, Florida, community was hurting: the homeless population only seemed to grow and grow. So, the married couple did whatever they could to make an impact. Read the full story here ▶