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Parents Take Daughter’s Blood Test before Lifesaving Surgery, Discover She’s Not Their Child

Parents take their daughter’s blood test before life-saving surgery and discover she’s, not their child. A mom and dad were left devastated. Nine years after their daughter was born. They found out during a major surgery that she was not their biological daughter at birth. Arlena Twigg was diagnosed with heart disease and doctors feared that she wouldn’t live past her formative years, the daughter of Ernest Regina Twig.

She was taken home at birth to be raised with her other siblings. However, at the age of nine, the fears of her dying young came to pass. Arlena went through open heart surgery and died. A few days later, however, her parents were left to deal with her passing and the even more devastating news that she was not their biological child arlena twig’s story, first made it to the public. In 1988, after her parents discovered a somewhat confusing detail, the young girl was born at the hardy memorial hospital in Wauchula Florida. Read the full story here ▶