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Online Betting vs Offline Betting: What’s the Difference?

Gambling is a pastime that’s as old as human history itself. There are records of gambling being widely practiced in Ancient Greece and it’s highly likely that the activity is far older than that. However, the advent of the world wide web in the 20th century has taken betting to a whole new level of popularity and prevalence.

Today, there are countless online casino operators vying for your custom, each offering its own selection of games and its own perks and promotions designed to entice you to sign up. For those who have never experienced betting in an online environment, the transition might seem like a confusing challenge. It is for exactly this type of curious yet cautious patron that we have compiled the following list of differences between online and offline betting, giving them the information they need to make a decision about which is most suited to their tastes.


It wasn’t that long ago that to place a bet, you’d have to catch a plane to a US state where the practice was not outlawed. What’s more, casinos were often the only option available to you and they’d often be somewhat discerning in who they allowed through their doors, with certain establishments operating a dress code for all punters. By contrast, you can log into an online casino from anywhere in the world, at any time of the day and on any device you like – while wearing whatever you like! As such, the accessibility of online casinos is far greater than their offline counterparts.

User experience

There is something undeniably thrilling about dressing up in your glad rags and enjoying the glitz and glamour of a brick-and-mortar casino. While online casinos might lack this particular attraction for some bettors, they’re closing the gap with the advent of live casino games and the introduction of virtual reality (VR) into the experience. What’s more, the specifics of how bets are placed and winnings are collected differs across the two platforms. For more detail on this topic, check out the blog Online Betting Explained –, which should answer any questions you might have.


Another area in which online and offline casinos significantly diverge is the perks and bonuses they offer to their patrons. Traditional casinos often entice people in their doors with the promise of free drinks. Although delicious and tempting, alcohol clouds your judgement and leads to poorer decision-making, which is why it is actually counter-productive when striving for a successful betting succession. The matched deposits, free bets and complementary spins offered by online casinos, by contrast, only maximise the betting pot at your disposal.

Game selection

Even the biggest casino on the planet has a finite amount of space under its roof and a limited number of games it can offer to punters. Since online betting sites store their games digitally, they have much greater scope in what they can offer. Alongside a veritable treasure trove of slot games, they also provide roulette, poker, blackjack and baccarat tables, as well as the possibility of placing bets on sports, eSports and even political events. Moreover, there are no crowds or queues at online casinos, making the experience run that much more smoothly, too.

Although the principles behind online and offline betting are similar, the practicalities of the two are very different. Familiarise yourself with the intricacies of both before deciding which is right for you.