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Obese Beagle Narrowly Avoids Being Put Down After Amazing Body Transformation

Obesity is a very serious issue for everyone, and dogs are no exception.

Weighing in at 68 pounds, Honey the beagle was twice the weight she should have been.

She was so fat that she couldn’t walk and would drag herself around with her front legs, leaving her belly covered in burn marks.

She couldn’t even use the bathroom properly, so she would just go wherever she was, causing the waste material to build up on her body.

How had Honey gotten in this awful condition?

Well, her owner was no longer able to care for her properly, as she was elderly and dealing with dementia.

It is likely that she forgot when she fed Honey and would feed her again to make up for it, ultimately leading to the pup’s huge size.

Honey’s owner eventually took her to the Niagara County SPCA, asking for her to be euthanized.

But the shelter isn’t a kill-shelter, so they set to work trying to help Honey get healthy.

A vet exam revealed that Honey also had developed thyroid problems, leading to even more weight gain!

The best option was to start Honey on a controlled diet plan, some medication for her thyroid, and a good exercise program.

Working out was a difficult effort, and they had to start very slow.

Volunteers fasted a harness to Honey and helped to hold her up, urging her to move even just a little bit.

Slowly, Honey began to attempt to walk, glad that her stomach was no longer grazing the ground thanks to the support of staff and volunteers.

Therapy became more and more demanding until the pup finally managed to start walking without assistance.

At that point, she was ready for a foster home – and once she found one in the house of Sue Cabe, she immediately began to flourish.

She was taken out for walks, she enjoyed backyard playtimes, and she continued working out on a water treadmill twice weekly.

Honey’s sweet, eager personality helped her move along.

She showed her true self so quickly, and weight began practically falling off her!

6 months later, she had already lost a whopping 38 pounds, and she had transformed into a completely different dog!

Her energy levels were much higher than ever before, her attitude was positive, and her appearance was absolutely stunning compared to how she first looked!

Honey’s story inspired tons of people, and she quickly gained fans all over Facebook.

People couldn’t wait to see new progress videos of her, and she was doing amazingly as people cheered her on around the world!

This was back in 2017, and we’re glad to say that Honey has since found a forever loving home that will be careful not to let her gain too much weight again.

Obesity can be very damaging to dogs, and it’s one of the most common health concerns that they face.

As such, it is crucial that you monitor your own dogs’ weights. If you have any doubts, talk to a vet for guidance!