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Newsom says he’s a ‘Zoom school’ parent, though children back to in-class learning in private school

California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom is facing backlash for saying he’s been “living through Zoom school,” though his children returned to in-person classes at their private school nearly five months ago.

Newsom told CNN’s on Tuesday how he, as a parent of four, understands the struggle of other parents having their children take online classes rather than return to school for in-person learning.

“I’ve been a strong advocate for safely getting our kids back in person for instruction,” he said. “I have four kids myself, I’ve been living through Zoom school and all the challenges related to it.”

Newsom then called the situation “brutal.”

It’s unclear whether the governor’s children have returned to school full time.

However, according to the Washington Free Beacon, Newsom’s children have been attending in-person classes at their private school since November.

Some parents have criticized Newsom for his comments.

Marcelino Valdez, the founder of a Fresno organization pushing for the reopening of schools said, “It’s a real lack of understanding and a lack of leadership on his part.”

“It’s hard for him to relate to parents like myself and the 500-plus members of our group who have our kids in public school. He’s had his kids in private school,” Valdez also said.