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NBA rumors: Lakers disappointed in ‘Marc Gasol experience’ so far

The Los Angeles Lakers aren’t happy with what they’ve gotten out of Marc Gasol.

At this point in his career, Gasol is more of a role player than a legitimate contributor down low. The Lakers have found this out the hard way, especially in Anthony Davis’ absence. The Lakers have been in on just about every available center on the market, including LaMarcus Aldridge in recent days, in part because of their disappointment in how Gasol has performed of late.

When discussing potential Aldridge fits, The Athletic’s Sam Amick mentioned the Lakers first and foremost in part due to Gasol: “My early focus here has been on the Lakers. Sources say they’re in the market for another big, in large part because the Marc Gasol experience hasn’t gone as well as hoped. And when you’re a reigning champion who sees all these other squads looking capable of stealing your crown, it’s never a bad idea to load up on options. But, first, we have to wait to see if this is going to be a trade or a buyout,” Amick wrote.

Are the Lakers better off without Marc Gasol?

Not exactly, no. The Lakers are technically just as good with Gasol on the floor as they are off of it, outscoring opponents by just over eight points-per-game, per

Meanwhile, the Spurs haven’t exactly struggled with Aldridge on the bench. While Aldridge’s so-called defensive woes are overhyped, he’s still an offensive force in the low post who has also adopted to the modern game. He’s a capable pick-and-roll player who has a capable jump shot.

Aldridge would provide the Lakers with another option down low other than Gasol. Whatever it is about Pau’s brother that is rubbing the Lakers front office the wrong way, they’ll have every opportunity to rectify the situation on the buyout market.