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Mom Notices Strange Man Crying Every Day as He Watches Little Girl at Playground

The boy’s mother was surprised to see the man cry as he watched his own daughter at play and marveled at his patience. But his story would break her heart. Life passes by so fast, and sometimes in our rush, we lose sight of what really matters. We forget to live each moment. Gail Parsons was sitting on a park bench watching her five-year-old playing and looking at her watch impatiently.

She had so much to do. It was Saturday, and she still had to make dinner for the family, and she wanted to get ahead on her new project, the project that might just put her career on The Fast Track. “David,” she called, “it’s time to go home.” But David ignored her and ran around to climb up the ladder to have another turn on the slide. “Oh,” she cried crossly, “I just don’t have time for this. Read the full story here ▶