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Military Dog Who Hadn’t Seen His Handler For 2 Years Loses It When He’s Finally Off Leash

Can you imagine having to say goodbye to your loved one and not know if you will ever see them alive again?!

It is hard for wives and children to let their loved one go.

But, what about pets? It isn’t as if you can just explain to your dog that you are going to leave for a few months.

They don’t understand, do they have a concept of time?

My dog greets me the same way every time I come home – even if I just went to the mailbox!

In this video, we meet Django and his handler Sheldon Holland.

The two served together in Afghanistan but were separated when Sheldon had to finish some work with an American K9 unit.

It has been two years since the two have seen each other.

Before they parted, Sheldon promised Django they would live together one day in South Africa. Today is that day!

Watch the happy reunion below!

The brave men and women of our armed forces sacrifice a lot when they get deployed overseas.

They often have to be gone for months at a time – maybe even up to a year!

And it is not as if they are going someplace exotic and fun – they may be heading straight into a war zone!

But, they do it because they have taken an oath to defend our country against enemies.

A soldier’s deployment is not only hard on them – but on their families as well.

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