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Michael B. Jordan & Lori Harvey Reportedly Split

Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey are no more – the couple is said to be divorced … and an early indication is that he may have been the one who was not on the same page about their future.

By People Mag … MBJ and LH have dared to take Splitsville together for more than a year and since joining power all over Hollywood. It’s unclear when they might have gone apart … but neither has published a photo with the other for months.

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Admittedly, Mike hardly publishes on the IG anyway – but still, the last time he vomited a picture of him and Lori returned during the Oscar season in March. Same thing with Lor, who posts a lot more often. The writing could be on the wall … he hit the Met Gala solo … Michael wasn’t visible.

As for the rationale for the detachment now reported … People, referring to a familiar source, say that Michael apparently wanted to be even more serious with Lori than they already were because he apparently wanted to go long term. relationship. Marriage?

Awaiting your permission to download Instagram Media.

From Lori’s point of view, there is no clarification or opposition … which seems to suggest that he may not have wanted the same as he did. One thing they both seem to know, though … as a “heartbeat” and a constant love for each other … at least according to the press release.

They met for the first time in November 2020, and they celebrated their one-year birthdays last fall. Overall, they were one of Hollywood’s best “it” pairs in a while.

We know this was as serious a relationship as it could be before someone kneels – Mike had met Lori’s family, including his father Steve Harvey … and even seems to have attended some Harvey meetings during the holidays. So did Lori with her son.

Another factor that may have torpedoed this – assuming the report of Michael’s desire to settle down – is their age difference … a 10-year difference. He is 35 and he is only 25. 😢

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