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Man Lies in Bed after Hard Day at Work and Realizes It’s Not His Wife Lying Next to Him

Todd returned home after a tiring day at work and dozed off in his bedroom, with his wife Lisa a little later, his phone rang and he rubbed his eyes in horror after reading a message from his wife. If Lisa was not at home, who was he sleeping with Todd lifted the blanket for answers and froze on the spot? Todd Thomas had just finished Milling the last plank of Timber. He was exhausted as beads of sweat rolled down his forehead, oh boy, it’s already late. He mumbled, as he hurried to his pickup van Todd’s.

Only relief was that it was Friday evening he sped home to rest a bit before planning a weekend outing with his wife Lisa. The couple lived in a quiet neighborhood in Wilson, Arkansas at the end of his exhausting day, seeing Lisa at the doorstep was the only thing that put a smile on his tired face, but on this Friday evening he didn’t see her there. Read the full story here ▶