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Man Hears Groans from Abandoned House Two Nights in a Row & Decides to Investigate

A man was bothered by the groaning, sound he’d hear from an abandoned house, he’d walk past every night, so he decided to check the property to see what was happening. One day James was in his 40s and was in a happy marriage with his wife Anna. They never had any children, so they poured their time and effort into their respective businesses. James ran and owned a construction company. While Anna ran a nail salon, they were both busy but he’d spend it with his nephews.

Whenever James had free time, he always felt the need to take care of someone and he turned to his nephews to fulfill this need whenever James would travel on a business trip. He didn’t trust. The main office to his assistant, Michael Michael, was 26 years old and a senior manager James took under his wing to work directly in the CEO’s office, as James had no son, whom he could turn his business over to once. He retired he considered. Having Michael take over the leadership position, he had in the future one day James had to drive to a nearby City where his company was building a cottage district. Read the full story here ▶