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Man Follows Lone Kid Into Pool Unaware He’s Being RECORDED

Everything started smoothly for the family. They had a big breakfast, and her husband gave them a quick tour of their area before everyone gathered at the pool for a swim. Her kid has never before waded into a pool. This day was made by the thought of swimming in the sea like a fish. However, it would culminate in one of the most horrifying events she had ever witnessed. Liza and Henry O’Shea’s intention for taking a vacation in California was to break away from their busy lives in Alaska. They had been together for many years and had two amazing children. They were both successful dentists and deserved to have a vacation. After working long hours, they believed that a vacation was necessary.

They were unaware of the horrors that were in store for them in the south. Henry and Liza started dating while they were both still in college. It was love at first sight. She had finally met someone who not only shared the majority of her passions, but also encouraged her to always strive to be her best. After six years of dating, nobody was shocked when Liza said yes to Henry when he got down on one knee. Read the full story here ▶