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Lakers: LeBron James comments on LA’s trade deadline plans

The NBA trade deadline of March 25 is swiftly approaching and it seems like LeBron James feels like the Lakers have all the help that they need.

The Los Angeles Lakers are 24-13 to this point in the season and are looking to repeat as NBA champions despite some major moves by the other league contenders. The Brooklyn Nets are collecting veterans like infinity stones to try to thwart the King and company’s quest for back-to-back ring seasons. Los Angeles has struggled without the presence of Anthony Davis as any team would, but rumors have started to swirl given their reported disappointment in the Marc Gasol experience.

While the purple and gold have no reason to press the panic button just yet, it would make sense for fans to question whether or not the Lakers have enough help on their roster to defeat the Nets, or whoever else may stand in their way when the playoffs start.

For now, it doesn’t look like LeBron James is concerned with the end of the season so much as he is with the present.

LeBron James says he hasn’t given much thought to Lakers roster needs

The Lakers are back in action on Friday night after their All-Star break. They’ll take on the Indiana Pacers, hoping to regain some of the momentum they had lost in Davis’s absence. Still, on Thursday, LeBron told the media that his biggest concern right now is working with the team he currently has around him.

Though they’re still currently in third place in the increasingly competitive Western Conference, LA had dropped seven of their last 10 before the break.

We’ve yet to see this Lakers squad completely healthy for very many games so far this season, so it’s hard to tell what they do or don’t need. The additions of Montrezl Harrell, Dennis Schroder, Wesley Matthews and Gasol during the offseason had fans feeling like they should still be the favorites.

Should Los Angeles make a move before the deadline to help the King secure his fifth ring?