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Lakers: Alex Caruso explains why he turned down NBA Slam Dunk Contest

Alex Caruso believes he made the right choice by not participating in the 2021 NBA Slam Dunk Contest. Too bad absolutely none of us actually believe that.

Los Angeles is a city of stars. Alex Caruso had his chance to become one, but he totally blew it. Though he remains adamant about his decision, you better believe the regret has sunk in yesterday. Or it will, it will…

The Los Angeles Lakers point guard was invited to participate in the 2021 NBA Slam Dunk Contest, but he decided not to. He claims that he is not “on that level of dunk contest material”. Caruso could have been the greatest thing to happen to the Dunk Contest since Spud Webb went bananas back in the 1980s at 5-foot-4. Instead, Caruso opted to drink and golf with his buddies.

Quitters don’t win, Alex Caruso. Quitters don’t win!

There was only one way Caruso was getting into Space Jam, and this was it. Not even LeBron James could have ruined Space Jam if Caruso had a vibrant, Elmer Fudd or, dare I say it, Bill Murray role. Kids all over the globe could have dunked Nerf basketballs all over each other while screaming “CARUSO!” at the top of their preadolescent lungs. Instead, he decided to be a golf guy.

Truth be told, nobody likes golf guy. He’s the equivalent of horse girl, and should never be trusted. When push comes to shove and you need a golf guy to be there for you, where will he be? On the links, not participating in otherwise uninteresting NBA Slam Dunk Contests. This would have been the best thing to happen to Texas A&M since Johnny Football defeated Alabama at Bryant-Denny.

Caruso has one offseason to redeem himself, but until then, he remains a total heartbreaker.