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Lady Commits Crime Not Knowing The Security Camera Has A Center View Of Her

You can’t be too careful these days.

If you decide that you want to steal something – be careful.

We are not saying that stealing is okay – but, if you are stupid enough to try it, you should at least know that security cameras are everywhere.

So, maybe you shouldn’t try it.

The woman in this video went for it – and got caught.

She was on a date at a Denver bar when she saw a lovely potted plant shaped like a dinosaur.

She casually stuffed the plant into her purse.

The man she was with is reportedly her husband – and he didn’t stop her.

In fact, he seems to have enjoyed the whole thing.

Take a look at this video

The video has gone viral.

Many people want to know this woman’s name – they want her to be punished.

As she should. People who take things that don’t belong to them should be punished.

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