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Kickin’ It with Kiz: A frustrated Rockies fan’s dream? Walmart heir makes Dick Monfort $4.65 billion offer he can’t refuse.

Now that either Rob Walton or Stan Kroenke owns most of the sports landscape in Denver, with several billion dollars left over, how about letting us poor paying customers watch their teams on television? I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt the bottom line, and might even build some good will.  While the Walmart billionaires are at it, could someone in the family buy the Colorado Rockies and turn them into a competitive baseball franchise?

Lee, repping the 303

Kiz: Well, look on the bright side. We all might have a new Broncos stadium with a retractable roof to enjoy before Colorado kids who have never seen Nikola Jokic play on Altitude reach legal drinking age. Once upon a time, Mr. Kroenke did explore buying the Rockies. Dick and Charlie Monfort weren’t interested. Hmm, makes me wonder. Think if an heir to the Walmart fortune offered $4.65 billion for a broken-down baseball team, the next generation of Monforts might reconsider?

If the Waltons work with Kroenke, they could lead a downtown revitalization that will shape Denver for the foreseeable future. Challenges require a positive will to meet, not divisive negatives.

P.W., soothsayer

Kiz: I travel a lot. My experience is the pandemic took toll on the vibrancy of many cities. Recovery ain’t easy. I catch grief for not being a fan of Denver sports teams. That’s cool. But I love Denver, live in Denver and have faith it is on the rebound.

Gotta disagree with your idea “We all win” with a Walmart family buying the Broncos. With the new ownership by billionaires, ticket prices are likely to soar, so only millionaires will fill the stadium. Pass the Pinot Noir, gruyere and caviar, s’il vous plait. And, BTW, stop that infernal yelling and screaming. Polite golf applause only!

Joe, six-pack in cooler

Kiz: All snark aside, you might be on the next big thing: boutique stadiums. Advances in technology are going to make the experience of watching a football game from home much more like being in the huddle, without the hassle of dealing with traffic. Sooner or later, an enterprising sports franchise will build a stadium with no more than 20,000 seats that has amenities to rival the poshest club and yummiest restaurant in town. It will cost a ridiculous amount of money to attend a game in-person, with the beautiful people like Ciara and dot-com entrepreneurs front and center in the crowd.

Kiz, if the Walton family forces taxpayers to subsidize a new stadium, can we merge it with Elitch Gardens and call the whole thing Wal-E World?

John, loyal Post subscriber

Kiz: While I offer humble, heartfelt thanks for your loyal support, let’s get one thing straight, mister. I do the cringe-worthy dad jokes around here.

And today’s parting shot is welcome reassurance that contrary to what anyone from John Elway to Vic Fangio might think, I’ve actually been too soft our local NFL team for nearly 40 years.

You definitely are a Broncos fanboy, Kiz.

David, tough customer