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Jill & Jinger Duggar: Secret Feud Exposed During Family Vacation?

Jill and Jinger Duggar were once seen as relatives.

Although several Duggars opposed the extremely strict rules by which they were raised, Jill and Jinger rebelled so strongly that they eventually broke the system.

Jinger amazed fans when moved to Los Angeles with her husband Jeremy Vuolo, basically leaving just before Jim Bob ‘s house of cards collapsed.

For him Jill broke up with her parents in 2019, a movement that came as a surprise at the time but made perfect sense in the years that followed.

So you would think these defiant siblings would be as close as two siblings can be.

But for reasons that fans don’t fully understand, it doesn’t seem to be that way.

The siblings rarely comment on each other’s social media pages, and some have gone so far as to speculate that there is some sort of beef between them.

As we recently reported, several Duggars visited Jinger in Los Angeles last week.

Although LA is not the Duggari’s natural habitat, Michelle leads the expedition to the west coast at least once a year for several of her other children.

This time Jana, Jason and Justin made the trip.

It makes sense that Jill didn’t join the group because she’s not in the best position with Michelle.

But as many fans have pointed out, it looks like Jill has done never made the trip to LA all the years after Jinger moved there.

The situation has sparked speculation that there may be some kind of bad blood between Jinger and Jill.

“Is there beef here? If I haven’t missed something, Jill has never been to Jinger and vice versa,” one fan wrote in Reddit. by British tabloid Sun.

“No, they just weren’t very close. Once you have 18 siblings, you’re not going to be close to them all,” another user suggested.

“I think they’re very different people, and they were especially different when they grew up,” a third commented.

Others pointed out that when Jinger struggled with an eating disorder in his teens, Jill could make matters worse by suggesting in a typical Duggar style that he “get over it.”

“I feel like Jill’s toxic positivity was probably pretty detrimental to Jinger as she went through her eating disorder,” one fan wrote.

Anther mysteriously suggested that “the damage had already occurred.”

Jill doesn’t seem like the guy who would be so indifferent to his loved one’s struggles, but he would still have been in power at Duggar’s brainwashing machinery at the time, so we assume anything is possible.

It is possible that the siblings needed to escape in their own ways, and like the prisoners who spent time together, they wish each other all the best but do not feel the need to continue their relationship.

In other Jill news, a mother of two returned to Instagram this week after a long break in social media.

“We’ve spent family time in the middle of a busy day at work and school + enjoying the sunny, warmer weather for the last couple of days before the second cold front moves later this week!” Jill wrote in the picture above.

That was his first post since Josh Duggar was convicted of possession and receipt of child pornography back in December.

Clearly, Jill preferred to retreat for a moment after this development.

Of course, that doesn’t mean he was upset to see his brother go to jail.

In a statement issued immediately after the judgment was published Jill made it clear that she felt that justice was being done.

Now it looks like he’s eager to go on with his life.

Maybe one day Jill and Jinger – both harassed by Josh as children – will be able to make room for each other in their lives.

At the moment, it seems they need to improve individually.

But that doesn’t mean they love each other less.

Jill & Jinger Duggar: Secret Feud Exposed During Family Vacation? Source link Jill & Jinger Duggar: Secret Feud Exposed During Family Vacation?