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It’s not Certified Lover Boy, but Drake has a new EP out today

You know who this is. This is Drake. Come on, now.

You know who this is. This is Drake. Come on, now.
Photo: Gabe Ginsberg (Getty Images)

Drake has been teasing the release of upcoming album Certified Lover Boy for so long now that it’s started to take on the contours of the pandemic: This is just how we live now, and the new normal is a forthcoming Drake album that remains forever just out of reach, like Tantalus’ grapes. But we’ve at least been given another appetizer to tide us over: The rapper has released new EP Scary Hours 2, a sequel to, yes, Scary Hours.

The EP is comprised of three tracks: Blissed-out opener “What’s Next,” thumping banger “Wants And Needs” featuring Lil Baby, and the playful, soulful opus (it’s six minutes long!) “Lemon Pepper Freestyle” with a guest appearance from Rick Ross and some of the more evocative verses Drake has delivered among his recent singles. (“I sent her the child support, she sent me the heart emoji.”) They’re all solid, but the last one is really great—a showcase for his vocal dexterity that could honestly be even longer and not wear out its welcome. We’ll see if Scary Hours 2 can hit the commercial heights of its predecessor (the first EP contained “God’s Plan,” so, high bar), but artistically? We’re good, here.

Certified Lover Boy was last set to come out in January before being delayed again thanks to what seems like some knee surgery the artist underwent, though he’s been coy about specifics. Perhaps he should take a page from Dave Grohl and just forge ahead without a functioning leg.