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Incredible Discovery in Father’s Attic: A Hidden Room and Mysterious String Lead to a Shocking Call to the Police!

Rudy wasn’t surprised that the attic was empty after many years and different tenants. All the furniture and personal effects had been removed. Rudy knew that when his father built the house back in the 1920s he’d hidden something in there Rudy just wished. He knew where to look. That’s when he spotted the string and felt the excitement course through his body.

Bon – and here is man finds father’s secret attic room string in the wall leads him to call the police. Rudi Ladner was still a child when his whole family was forced to flee Czechoslovakia. When world war ii ended in 1945, all citizens of German descent were forced to go back to Germany. The Schlatter family home even got, seized and became the property of the government. However, even now 70 years later, Rudi still remembered the secret. Discover the Full Story Here ➜