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I just want you to know, we are the family who adopted your son.’ She hadn’t gone a single day without thinking…

“After 7.5 years of infertility and pregnancy losses, my husband and I wanted nothing more than to be parents. We explored the different options of adoption, and we felt like adoption from foster care was the perfect path for us. There are over 100,000 children in our foster care system who are freed for adoption and waiting for a forever family.

We went through the process to become licensed, and started looking at children to adopt on the Adopt Us Kids website. One day, we came across an adorable, blue-eyed, redheaded, 4-year-old boy in the listings. My heart jumped, as I myself have vibrant blue eyes and the exact same shade of red hair. I applied our home study in hopes of being chosen as his family. I sent his picture to everyone we know and asked them to pray for God to choose us.

His case worker called and let me know they would not be considering us as his family because we were too far away. He was living in South Dakota, and we were in New York. They were hoping to find a family closer to where he currently lived. Read the full article here ▶