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Heritage Action’s executive director calls HR 1 ‘a real and clear present danger for all of us’

Heritage Action for America Executive Director Jessica Anderson warned during an interview on the John Solomon Reports podcast about HR 1, a controversial election-related bill currently working its way through Congress.

She warned against the legislation which recently passed in the House of Representatives, saying that “the effort from the left right now to federalize our election system through HR 1 is a real and clear present danger for all of us.” She said that the legislation “will enable and encourage fraud.” 

Anderson said that she was excited last week to announce “a state-by-state election integrity campaign,” which she said seeks to ensure that “our elections are safe, are free, are transparent and are fair.” 

A March 8 press release indicated that Heritage Action committed $10 million to start for an election integrity campaign with a commitment to supply “whatever funding it takes to accomplish its goals.” The effort marks Heritage Action’s “first-ever state advocacy campaign to secure and strengthen state election systems,” according to the press release.