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Her 14 Year Old Daughter Vanishes And Then 6 Months Later She Sees THIS Photo On Facebook… WOW!

The mother of a missing teen was online when she saw something that shocked her.
Rosemary Gullett, 14, has been missing for over six months and her mother, Maureen Gullett, thinks she knows what may have happened to her, according to Liftbump.

“Since she disappeared I have found images of her online,” Maureen wrote on Facebook. “He hair had been bleached blonde last then dyed red. As of last seen she had red hair kept in a bun however her looks are being regularly altered to hide her identity. She is using an unknown alias however her real name is Rosemary Blue Gullett and her date of birth is 1-1-01.”

Oregon police have been on a statewide search for Rosemary for months. However, they believe that she could have been taken out of state. According to Maureen, a list of possible locations includes several cities in Oregon, California, Texas, Washington, Hawaii, or Tennessee.Read the full article here ▶