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He was born without arms 20 years later He shocked everyone

Get him out of here. I don’t want to see him, Nicholas’s mother screamed in exasperation, following the dismal surprise she had just received in the delivery room. It was a traumatic experience for her to carry her kid. Nick vikujack was happily in her womb for nine months only to give birth to a physically challenged child.

Isn’t that peculiar? She had loved him from the moment she saw him in the womb, but she was torn between rushing emotions of anxiety, concern and terror about what life had in store for him. He is one of just seven people known to have Tetra Amelia Syndrome, a rare condition in which both arms and legs are missing. His toes were originally linked, but he underwent surgery to separate them so he could use them as fingers to complete other tasks, like turning pages and picking up a cup. Read the full story here ▶