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Google Search Full Coverage adds some context to the news

The Internet makes it almost too easy to find answers to questions. Google Search definitely has a huge responsibility in that regard, bringing information right under your fingertips, almost literally. That may be fine for some types of information that don’t change, like facts and trivia, but the news doesn’t exist in a vacuum. In order to give knowledge seekers a better and more correct perspective, Google is finally pushing its Full Coverage feature from Google News to Google Search to let you get an overview of a topic going back months even.

This Full Coverage news feature isn’t exactly news, ironic as it may sound. It was first launched in 2018 but was limited to the Google News app. A year later, Google announced that it would be coming to the Search mobile app as well but, strangely enough, it would take almost two years for that to actually happen.

Google’s Full Coverage leverages AI and machine learning, the company’s favorite sauces, to collate news coverage about a specific topic that can go back in time. The idea is to give people better context about a certain topic or news from various perspectives, news sources, and historical points of view.

Google says it is applying new technology to identify which news items can be considered long-running stories and collect articles and search results related to them. This works for both recent but short-lived events, like the most recent Super Bowl, but also for coverage that spans months, like the COVID-19 pandemic.

This new Full Coverage rollout is available only in the Search mobile app and only in English in the US. Google promises it will support more languages and markets in the months to come but, as always, there is no hard schedule for its availability.